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Read This to Get Ahead of Your Military Transition

Whether you’ve been in for three years or thirty, all good things must come to an end, and military service is no exception. Like Winter, Transition is coming! Fortunately, you have a tremendous resource at your disposal to ensure your transition is a success! That resource is your local transition assistance office.

At most installations, dedicated staff are there to ensure you, as an eligible transitioning service member, have the education, training, and counseling necessary to be career-ready when you leave active duty service. If you happen to be on a post that doesn’t have a transition assistance office, then there are online course options as well.

However, many service members often do not take part in these courses until they are dangerously close to their departure date. Additionally, while a week-long course will expose you to an abundance of useful material, service members often find it challenging to complete their resume and cover letters, develop their elevator pitch, prep for interviews, identify their skills, build their networks, establish their brand, create a budget, and complete all the other tasks that come with preparing for a successful transition.

The question then is how can you make the most of this course when you do attend? The answer is quite simple: READ. One of the greatest things you can do to improve your chances of a successful transition is to read. Many veterans have crossed that threshold well ahead of you, and they can offer great insight into their own preparations, concerns, and eventual success. Reading can also turn you on to job hunting techniques and career opportunities you may never consider otherwise. These insights can help you traverse the challenges of finding a career during your transition and put you on the path to enjoying your post-military years.

The important thing is to start educating yourself well ahead of your actual transition. Doing so can help you set events in motion that will help ease your transition experience and ensure your post-military years are thriving ones. Start reading today and check back with The Military Post on a regular basis for new military transition materials.

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