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Welcome, and thank you for visiting! If you are here, you are probably in the business of searching for off-market real estate deals, and you tried to contact me. Whether you called or texted, you may be surprised to learn that numerous people attempt to reach me every day about one or more of my properties.

In fact, I receive so many calls and texts about my properties I put this page together to both offer a response to your inquiry and provide some insight into the kinds of offers that interest me. By the way, if you are interested in learning more about wholesaling and improving your craft, you might consider these books. The audible versions can make for good commute material.



About Me

I’ve invested in real estate since 2008, and I’ve accumulated multiple properties over the years. While I won’t go into my bio here, I invest in stocks and real estate. I’ve been doing it for decades.

I also retired from the Army after 22 years. For many veterans, transitioning from service can be a daunting experience–especially, if they are unprepared. My transition, however, went really well because I did prepare. My research and preparations for transitioning from the military and building wealth are the topics I share in my book, Transition Time.

Of course, as my portfolio has grown so has the number of daily calls I receive from fellow real estate investors. Also, some of you guys and gals are pretty persistent! So, kudos on the hustle.

Unfortunately, I have too many pursuits, like my day job, website development, investing, and completing professional development courses. Accordingly, spending time responding to calls and texts from unknown people about properties I don’t intend to sell is not for me.

By the way, I also maintain a blog on real estate investing and wealth-building, so you may want to check it out. You will find links at the bottom of this page as well. My blog is supported by advertisements, so if you see something that interests you, please click through to the item and consider purchasing it. I appreciate your patronage.

So, what should you know about me, and how can that help you? Here it is.



No, I’m Not Selling

Being a buy-and-hold investor, I’m not interested in selling any of my properties. Selling would be completely counterproductive to my buy-and-hold strategy.

I’m not saying I will never consider an offer, but it would not be at a ‘fair price’ or even market value. If you have that kind of offer in mind, make sure you lead with it when you reach out.

Now, if you are looking for buyers, the rest of what follows may interest you.



I Am a Buyer

As a buy-and-hold investor, I am frequently interested in buying. My investment strategy requires I purchase properties that cash flow. Otherwise, I could quickly find myself overextended. Much like wholesalers, I am looking for properties I can purchase at below-market prices.



Hopefully, that is where you come in. You have the challenge of finding sellers and buyers. Maybe you purchase properties yourself but you need to recoup some funds before you buy your next one. I often find myself in that situation as well. If any of the above applies, then you can improve your chances of turning the property by expanding your buyer list.

Currently, I’m looking for wholesale real estate in the below areas. My ideal properties have 2-4 bedrooms and no less than two bathrooms

  • Florida
    • Santa Rosa County
    • Escambia County
    • Okaloosa County
  • Georgia
    • Richmond County
    • Columbia County
  • South Carolina
    • Aiken County
    • Edgefield County
  • Louisiana
    • Bossier Parish
      • Bossier City
    • Caddo Parish
      • Shreveport

Are you a wholesaler looking for buyers? If so, contact me!

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